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It can take a trauma to spark a change, make a difference or start again. It is my motivation, the spark that changed me for the better and how I came to this point in my fitness life today. I am Stronger than yesterday. My mission now is to work with you on a personal level. Step by step I will work alongside you, guide, support & inform you through your health and wellness journey.

I was pushed daily out of my comfort zone and my soul was made strong, after years of struggling with my weight, I have now figured it out. Through educating myself my eyes are wide open to fads and trends.  I have always wanted to give my clients the same dedication I had given myself. Through bespoke one to one coaching, understanding and recognising each client’s goals and lifestyles. I can share my knowledge with you and share my mantra. I am and now you can be, Stronger than yesterday.Here at Strong Vibez we dedicate ourselves to your fitness and wellness journey.

With around the clock support, you will always have someone to lean on at those more challenging times. It can be a real struggle to stay motivated and on track with any weight loss, fitness programme.

With your own tailored nutritional programme, motivational coaching and a free health assessment, we have the right package to suit your lifestyle. We will make it work for you.

Do you feel intimidated at the gym? Second guessing if you’re doing it right? Do you slide to the back of that bootcamp class? Or do you not turn up to the gym at all ,but have that unused off peak membership, just going out of your bank account each month? We have all been there! Wanting that summer body or to be Christmas party ready, but never actually seeing it through.

We will coach, motivate and inspire you to be the best possible version of you, you owe it to yourself. Your journey can start as quick as today with an informal chat with our brand founder Angel B.

So what are you waiting for?

I look forward to working alongside you, peace and mad love.

Health and fitness and nutritional coaching